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Edmund Rice International logo

What is Edmund Rice International (ERI)?

ERI is a global network of people determined to promote and protect the rights of Earth and its peoples. They work in over twenty-five countries to ensure that marginalised children and their communities can build healthy partnerships with their local ecosystems and can access education and the services they are entitled to from their societies.

What kind of NGO is ERI and how is it different?

ERI is a faith-based NGO, drawing on the living traditions of two Catholic Congregations (Presentation Brothers and Christian Brothers), and working collaboratively for global justice, for both Earth and its peoples. The two Congregations of Brothers have built a world-wide network of over 100,000 workers, young people and their communities, embedded in specific ecosystems, that can respond effectively to violations of rights.

What is the vision of ERI, and its mandate?

We live the vision of a world where Earth and human rights are respected and protected, especially through building partnerships with Earth and by liberating those oppressed by poverty, marginalisation or environmental degradation. We believe this is God’s dream for the world, and that this dream has echoed in many human hearts.